Optimo Logistics relies on personal advice and reliable services. Each and every individual employee sits behind this philosophy. Our team consists of around 100 employees at the Winterthur and Zurich sites. Get to know us personally and contact us. We are always here for you.


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  • Dominik Uhlmann
    Dominik Uhlmann
    Executive Director
  • Ronny Roth
    Ronny Roth
    Head Packaging
  • Daniel Widmer
    Daniel Widmer
    Head of Domestic Transports / Warehouse Logistics
  • Andrea Grippo
    Andrea Grippo
    Head of Warehouse Logistics
  • Selin Taniyan
    Selin Taniyan
    Head of international Forwarding
  • Patrick Flückiger
    Patrick Flückiger
    Head Privat - and Business Removals / Scheduler National Transport
  • Martin Vomend
    Martin Vomend
    Team Leader Packaging Service
  • Max Schmid
    Max Schmid
    Team Leader Small Parts Packing
  • Andrea Destefani
    Andrea Destefani
    Team Leader Transport For Own Account / Disposal Logistics
  • Zoran Jovanovic
    Zoran Jovanovic
    Deputy Head of Warehouse Logistics
  • Kaspar Birrer
    Kaspar Birrer
    Work Preparation Packaging Service
  • Joachim Meyer
    Joachim Meyer
    Work Preparation / Technical Sales
  • Alain Tissot
    Alain Tissot
    Work Preparation Crate Production
  • Tim Dubs
    Tim Dubs
    Specialist international Forwarding
  • Boban Stojanović
    Boban Stojanović
    Domestic Transport Scheduler
  • Laura Voss
    Laura Voss
  • Alfred Hedinger
    Alfred Hedinger
    Specialist international Forwarding
  • Iliana Tomczyk
    Iliana Tomczyk
    Specialist international Forwarding
  • Mara Maia
    Mara Maia
    Apprentice international Forwarding