Because you need to concentrate on your core business.

Because you need to concentrate on your core business.

Warehouse logistics

We specialise in individual warehouse logistics concepts that are designed to meet your needs. We work together with you to develop sustainable and agile logistics solutions that we can flexibly adapt at any point in time to meet your needs. We want you to be able to concentrate fully on your core business.


Adherence to high safety standards for expensive products, sensitive goods and confidential documents is second nature to us.


An increasing number of products are temperature-sensitive. Our storage infrastructure offers constant temperatures for your goods.


We operate two logistics sites in Zurich Oerlikon and Winterthur, in a central location near the A1 motorway.

Our logistics services


We work with you to support, design and implement your logistics requirements.


We pay close attention to completeness – for individual shipments and large orders.

Packaging and shipping

Individual packaging designed in line with your products and specification.

Intralogistics and factory transport

Our personnel take care of your internal flow of goods and materials.

responsible disposal

Our disposal logistics service ensures the proper disposal of wood and electrical waste as well as old metal.


High-rack storage

Fully-automated storage with multi-level commissioning.

Rack storage

Suitable for all goods that need to be stored simply and palletised.

Bulk storage

If you have oversized goods that require quick access.


Thanks to intelligent cross-docking, we guarantee the quick handling of goods.

Bar storage

Automatic bar storage guarantees storage in batches with the option for retrieval.

Contact person

  • Ronny Roth
    Ronny Roth
    Head Packaging & Warehouse
  • Max Schmid
    Max Schmid
    Team Leader Small Parts Packing