Optimo Logistics. The power of movement.

Optimo Logistics. The power of movement.

About Optimo Logistics

Decades ago, it was originally a profit centre within the Sulzer Group, then became a division of Optimo Service AG and since 2017 has been an independent brand.
With around 100 employees, Optimo Logistics offers logistics services throughout the entire value chain, from the two sites in Winterthur and Zurich. As we offer the total package for storage, packaging, national and international transport, this makes us unique and attractive to many customers. In doing so, we attach great importance to internal communication and to providing our customers with the best possible care. Essential: “At our company, the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.”

Optimo Group

Optimo Logistics is an Optimo Group brand. The Group offers us financial independence and security, without losing the all-important flexibility. The Optimo Group employs more than 250 members of staff and 20 trainees, and offers its customers service solutions in the areas of production, logistics, IT and print.



Our services are always based upon the relationship between people. We attach great value to long-term partnerships, committed employees and direct and respectful communication. These elements form the foundation for successful collaboration.



ISO 9001

Optimo Logistics continually reviews its management system and process management. For this reason, we are also certified in accordance with the international Quality Management System ISO 9001.




SPEDLOGSWISS is the Swiss association of shipping and logistics companies. It is a sector association with one sole purpose, which is to deliver value to its members.


The Cooperative 
Logistics Network

“The Cooperative Logistics Network” is an association of small and medium-sized companies aimed at encouraging global networking.



Optimo Logistics is a member of the OSIG (Eastern Switzerland community of interests), which is an attractive and professional procurement management platform.



ASTAG is the Swiss Road Transport Association. It represents the legitimate interests and concerns of road transport and the transport industry.