All kinds of professional packaging solutions.

All kinds of professional packaging solutions.

Packaging solutions

Optimo Logistics offers a wide range of packaging solutions. From wooden packaging through to shrink and cardboard packaging as well as packaging for dangerous goods and container stowage, our customers benefit from a wide range of packaging options. Depending on customer requirements, we can combine the individual packaging solutions – we will be delighted to advise you on your next order.

Cost efficiency

We optimise our packaging in terms of production and transport costs.

Secure air cargo zone

For known consignors, the air cargo security chain remains intact as a result of our certified safety zones.


As the final link in the value chain, “going the extra mile” is firmly embedded in our approach.

Wooden packaging

Wooden packaging can withstand very high loads and is best suited for export packaging. Depending on the design, our wooden packaging can be optimised to different transport and storage requirements.


We primarily use Swiss wood in accordance with standard ISPM 15.


We offer many different options, from lightweight crates through to robust sea freight crates.


With cardboard or in conjunction with container stowage.

Shrink packaging

Shrink packaging is an efficient and cost-effective form of packaging. The light, extremely tear-resistant and waterproof film protects the transported goods against weather influences such as dust and spray water. However, shrink packaging does not offer protection against impacts and collisions.


Cost-effective form of packaging with regard to packaging performance, volume and transport weight.

Weather protection

Protection against dust and spray water, but not against mechanical influences.


Goods can be quickly unpacked at the place of destination, with little waste.

Corrosion protection

Protecting products against corrosion during storage and shipping is extremely important within the metal industry. To this end, Optimo Logistics protects warehouse and export products in accordance with the VCI and dessicant methods. The corrosion protection can be applied to all packaging types.

VCI method

The preservation period is up to 24 months.

Dessicant method

The preservation period can be longer than 24 months.


Can be combined with all possible packaging types.


Der Container als Verpackungsart bietet aufgrund der weltweit einheitlichen Containergrössen diverse Vorteile. Bei der Lagerung, der Sicherheit, dem Umschlag sowie während dem Transport besteht eine einheitliche Raumnutzung, was sich stark auf die Effizienz und Kosten auswirkt.


Versiegelung von Containern und Sichtschutz bietet hohen Diebstahlschutz.


Standardisierte Containergrössen für hohe Effizienz rund um den ganzen Globus.


Möglichkeiten von Temperaturkontrollen durch Kühl- und Isoliercontainer.

Dangerous goods packaging

The delivery of dangerous goods in freight transport harbours risks and dangers, and requires specialist experience as well as clear documentation. Our employees have many years of experience and know-how of laws and the necessary documentation in relation to the packaging of dangerous goods. 


Provisions for classification, identification and packaging must be observed.


Transport documents are essential for all modes of transport.


Dangerous goods must be handled by trained personnel.

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