Your trust is our ambition.

Your trust is our ambition.

International transport

With international transport – whether road transport, air freight, sea freight or rail transport – you are placing your products and thus your value chain in the hands of a third party. This requires trust! Trust that we earn over and over again, every single day.

Legal regulators, cultural differences and a wide range of external factors can influence international transport. Thanks to our experience and know-how, with Optimo Logistics you have a partner that understands and takes into account the plannable factors. We quickly recognise challenges and face them with passion, ambition and a great deal of commitment. This makes us the perfect partner for your imports, exports and cross trades.

Our services


We organise imports, exports and cross trades worldwide using all modes of transport. For small and large companies.


Our specialists take care of the creation and inspection of all your customs-related documents, to make sure that your deliveries are not delayed in customs.


From adherence to delivery dates through to cost optimisations and the selection of the mode of transport – we offer comprehensive and reliable advice.


Customers rely on our experience to build up their shipping knowledge. To this end, we focus upon the customer-specific challenges.


We have experience in taking on entire shipping jobs and adapting to given company structures.

Your advantages


Whether sea freight, air freight, road transport or rail transport, we make sure that the same employee takes care of all your needs across all forms of transport.


Our worldwide network with shipping partners and logistics partners is versatile, flexible and based upon many years of successful collaboration.


Our employees are our most important resource and thanks to ongoing training they are always up to speed.


Seamless transportation is very close to our heart. It is the driving force behind our ambition, time and time again.


Extensive market knowledge and a wide network enable us and our customers to benefit from price savings.

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